Shelby (shelbo_welbo) wrote,

Slow Motion.

See me let go.

School tomorrow. Couldn't be any more excited. I just need to finish my two summer reading books and algebra two packet today and I'll be all set.

I'm in the process of covering every bit of ceiling I have with song lyrics. It's going to be amazing. I've put the poems and songs Jordan has written for me right above my pillow, so when I can't sleep, I can look out my skylight and try to wish on a star and then read one of them and realize there's nothing to wish for. I've got everything I want and everything I will ever need. What can I say? That boy completes me. I've only known him for a month, but that doesn't change a thing at all. He's perfect.

I'll keep a tighter grip this time. I don't ever want to let that boy go.
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